Small Business Phone Systems

Get the best phones for your business.

Allworx® provides the options to enhance

your communications.  Improve your

office phones and improve your business.




Allworx® Standard Features

• Remote IP Phones will connect from anywhere there is an internet access.
• Call Routes ring multiple phones, cell phones
— Unlimited attempts, unlimited options, and unlimited possibilities
• Every user has 7 unique pre-set settings with 7 unique voice-mail greetings
• Robust voice-mail (8 or 16 dedicated channels) included with multiple message delivery methods
• Flexible Automated attendant provides efficient call routing
• Unified Messaging
— Voicemail to email in one inbox
• Reach ™SIP Mobile Phone Client adds mobility without high cost
• My Allworx® Manager— Comprehensive self-management
• SIP trunks appear as regular lines for easy access
• Emergency 911 Alert, Caller ID, ANI, DNIS, DID (when provided by your telephone service provider.

Remote offices features

Allworx Business Phone systems work great if you have two or more office locations.  For example, a office in Waukesha and a office in Milwaukee can be joined together by connecting the business office system in each location together.  Using a common phone number customers can easily reach your employes in either location.  This increases your companies efficiency and keeping better touch with your clients.  The systems also work as one system over the Internet, when you transfer or access calls from site to site, you eliminate long distance charges.   Remote employees can also use a  Allworx phone remotely by simply plugging in their phones into the Internet and connecting seamlessly to the main office.

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Notable Tek LLC and Latest Solutions, Inc..  Offices are located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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