Phone Accessories

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Key Features

* Common Global Directory at all site
* Monitor Handsets from all sites via BL
* Global Call Routes to handsets at all sites
* Additional Auto attendant flexibility
* Unified voice mail across all sites
* And More…..



Key Features
* Centralize Call Management
* Easy-to-use graphic interface
* Status for every line and handset
* “Drag and Drop” capability for transferring calls
* Record users calls as a WAV file
* Very easy to use
* More features………



Key Features
* Distribute queued calls in linear priority
* Visually see the status of queued lines
* Record a custom greeting of each queue
* Track performance of individuals
* Other programmable features



Key Features
* Full administration view of users and conferences
* Set-up 24/7
* Security Options
* Easy to use graphical interface
* Ability to create reoccurring conference call


Main Features
* Combine with your I-phone, I-pad, or Android
* Intergrade WI-FI
* Access voice mail
* View call history
* Other great features


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