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Allworx phone systems are the best VOIP phones for

your small business.  Don’t pay a higher cost for brand names like AT&T,

or Avaya.  Allworx provides you with great quality and loads of

features to choose from at a lower cost. Make Allworx your next business

phone system.

Allworx® Standard Features

• Remote IP Phones will connect from anywhere there is an internet access.
• Call Routes ring multiple phones, cell phones
— Unlimited attempts, unlimited options, and unlimited possibilities
• Every user has 7 unique pre-set settings with 7 unique voice-mail greetings
• Robust voice-mail (8 or 16 dedicated channels) included with multiple message delivery methods
• Flexible Automated attendant provides efficient call routing
• Unified Messaging
— Voicemail to email in one inbox
• Reach ™SIP Mobile Phone Client adds mobility without high cost
• My Allworx® Manager— Provides comprehensive self-management
• SIP trunks appear as regular lines for easy access
• Emergency 911 Alert, Caller ID, ANI, DNIS, DID (when provided by your telephone service provider)


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Easy PC Solutions Wisconsin' business phone solution

Easy PC Solutions Wisconsin’ business phone solution

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